Introducing DSS

There are tons and tons of things to blog but here is a quick one.

Last Thanksgiving (a 4 days of holidays in USA) I wanted to work on something really cool that is absolutely worth doing and something I can spend my entire 4 days continuosly. I looked over my list of pending projects to find something extraordinarily cool, kept thinking about new ideas flowing around, looked over to other idea websites and realized that my mind was just keept going blank all the while.

So when people asked what were my plans for thanksgiving, I’d reply “I’ll be doing Project Blank” :).

It just so happened, at the very start of the thanksgiving I was casualy reading the SSE specs that was just announced by Ray Ozzie and immediately realized things missing in there and the huge possibilities of massive human collaboration that it can make happen. Rest of it is the story. I ended up spending about 16 hours a day in designing what I call now Data Syndication Services specifications and writing a reference application for it. While my efforts were inspired by SSE and Groove, the DSS design enables data sharing on a massive scale on much realistic grounds.

And guess what, I still call the project binaries Blank :).

Want to take a look? Go ahead and collaborate on my GitHub repo!

Shital Shah

A program trying to understand what it’s computing.

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