CPUs And GPUs Of Game Consoles

Outside Fred Myer’s there is head scratching scene right now: there are about 16 people, mostly middle edges or elders, in their sleeping bags and chairs planning to spend the whole cold foggy night. We asked them and as we had guessed, all of them are waiting for XBox to take home! The physiology of these kind of people is interesting to me. After all, why can’t they walk in the store at 9 AM and buy then?

Simple Sharing Extension

Unlike breakthrough ideas in physical sciences, the breakthrough ideas on Internet are in general so simple that they don’t require you to be genius, just not being stupid is often enough. And yet SSE specs from Ray Ozzie is truly something that I can go crazy about and has definitely reignited my cravings for starting a new project for building a dream version of Groove. As someone who has spent 2 intensive years in turning a real world large scale application in to almost-magic collaboration app despite the frustrating state of Groove, I can’t over judge the delights and simplifications the SSE can bring to you.

Linux Is Obsolete

So far I’ve looked at Linux as something that people accept as religion rather than something with a substance and solid grounds. If you are a purist, you would get hurt to see the way Linux architecture is based on technically outdated 70s operating system and no amount of hype can convince you that this thing won’t hit the wall sooner or later. To be precise, Linux essentially functions as stop gap quickly pulled out hack just to keep geeks going who are apparently as much in need of a religion just as most other human beings.

On The Run

It’s easier to run.

Finally Runs Even If Method Returns

using (DisTest o = new DisTest()) { return; } OR Dim o As DisTest = New DisTest Try Return Finally o.Dispose() End Try

15 Questions On Leadership

These are interesting questions if you were pursuing an acadamy degree on management/leadership. I do have the answers but don’t have enough room here to write it down (Fermat R.I.P.). What a good leader should do when a majority vote is different then his/her strongly held belief? If you must make a choice between hurting your team’s goal or ethics, what a good leader should choose? Say your boss wants you and your team to do something that isn’t good for your team’s goals.

StarWars Weekend Marathon

We planned back-to-back original StarWars trilogy marathon over the weekend. I got to watch them in sequence for the first time and it made lot of sense and gave me a new perspective about this whole “religion”. Some observations… First StarWars wasn’t really advertised as Episode IV. That tag came later. After watching first StarWars anyone could see that Princes Liea and Luke were going to be a couple. All indications are that, Lucas changed his intentions for V and VI for God knows why.

Just Furl It

Furl totally rocks. It’s almost everything I needed from a bookmarking services. Beats Delicious any day. But I guess being usable is one thing and popular quite another. Furl supports FireFox and IE. One click to bookmark a website. It has a killer feature that most websites miss: An ability for users to provide feedback in almost every corner! You can export your bookmarks out of their system (so you are not locked down with them) You can import your existing bookmarks in to Furl.

Places I Found On Google Maps

After Google Maps included a link for satellite views, I ended up spending a night in finding all kind of places. Yeah, this is not new but not it is so much more cleaner, convenient and faster. [Partial List] Grand Canyon Devil’s Tower Near Arches National Park Green and Red rivers meeting in Canyon lands National Park Mount Rainier Hawaii Active Volcano in Hawaii Cape may Lighthouse Yankee Stadium White Sands, NM Most of these “sightings” has been reported to Google Siteseeing.

Buying And Selling Broadway Show Tickets

When it comes to buy Broadway show tickets these days, scene is really the worse. Few years ago, you only had to deal with idiotic Ticketmaster and now the pain is extended to 100s of brokers that have mushroomed to somehow “lawfully” buying off all the nicest seats and later sells it with the price tag of 2X or more. No wonder shows like Wicked and Lion King are now suddenly sold out for next 8 months or so.

Few Ideas To Curb Email Phising

Chris Sells blogs about his experience and this exponentially growing problem of email phishing and asks if there is any way out. Few things to think about: Enable Explicit Links Only In email clients, put an option, which is turned on by default for this: While rendering HTML hyperlinks, disable them unless the link text is exactly the same as hyperlink URL it is pointing to. Images in email also can’t have hyperlink any longer.

Difference Between Local Trains And Express Trains

Local trains stops at every station, express train stops between the two.

Condomania Wizard Interface

This is probably the best Wizard User Interface I’ve seen so far ;).

Voyager Is Missing

Star Trek Voyager is off-air since past few months. So I went to Netflix, my DVD subscription, just to find that Paramount hasn’t produced DVDs yet. So I went to Amazon to buy VHS version, just to find that the video cassets are one episod per casset (consider having 150+ episodes). So all these have almost ruined my hopes to get back to Voyager, just when I needed the most. As my last resort, I looked up in Kazza and found some of the cool episodes floating around but it gonna take days to get them.

When I Fall

In this world of the Greater Being, I feel like I’m at play… like a little kid. With all my sense of wonder and curiosity… walking on my knees to get close, see and feel everything that has been put around me… and smile for all those good things that I find. And when I’m just moving around, there are moments when things are not the way I would have wanted… sometime when I would have really wanted.

Things With The Rain Drops...

Listening to When I Fall with sound of rain drops from my window… These days are going good. Haven’t missed chance to get myself wet in rain most of the time… and walking on wet grass with bare feet… and watching rain drops making curves in cones of street lights… and taking a long drive in rain with my windows open… and taking snaps of Sun hiding behind dark clouds… and taking a deep breath in drizzly air… and wondering at water dance on my wind-shield… and following a droplet cloud around wheels of other vehicles… and making a splash on my way… These days are going good.

Lost and unfound

It’s frustrating how much difference a little stupidity can make to your life. Yours and others. These days and nights are dedicated to some meanest of them. [Listening: Matchbox Twenty - If you’re gone]

To empty people, brighter nights and shorter days

[Now Listening: Tom Petty - You don’t know how it feels] Can’t beat this clock… can’t stop staring this screen… can’t sleep these nights… can’t leave this place… can’t think… can’t do better things… can’t stop thinking… can’t stop blood in these veins… can’t see world less beautiful… can’t find that piece of heart… can’t contain in to self… can’t hold her hand… can’t breath out… can’t fall in to comma… can’t get closer to my sky… can’t steal colors… can’t get bigger space… can’t stop meaningless talk… can’t get bored with blahs… can’t keep aweful silense… can’t stop reaching out… can’t stay alone… can’t stop cursing… can’t survive people… can’t be bad… can’t become one…

Alone Alone All The Way

I like to observe the universe as a cold hearted logic machine… emotionless like a drone… trying to find reasoning… and exploits to build more deterministic world. Perhaps that’s why I was swept by the concept of Borgs when I saw them in Star Trek. And so I’d thought I’m designed to stay alone… Me, my books, my thoughts - can go long way before there’s a need for human contact, touch, feeling or emotions.

Hallowin Signout

Okay… guess this will be the end of the day - it’s hallowing! And Aishwarya Rai’s birthday… 10 mins to midnight… Since last two years this is the day and time (1st nov between 1 AM to 3 AM) when I always got in to a car accident - a nearly fatal ones. oh… need to eat something… should be going to Nanuet for that cool diner I’d found… will keep blogging if am alive tomorrow 🙂