When I Fall

In this world of the Greater Being, I feel like I’m at play… like a little kid. With all my sense of wonder and curiosity… walking on my knees to get close, see and feel everything that has been put around me… and smile for all those good things that I find. And when I’m just moving around, there are moments when things are not the way I would have wanted… sometime when I would have really wanted. Some of the worst moments of my life constitutes of those when the people I’d admired I see falling apart and I can’t do anything about it… when someone you cared is dieing and you can do nothing about it… Those moments… when I just want to look up in the sky and pretend that I don’t exist… trying to convince myself that it’s ok… I feel like I’m betrayed with anger bursting out every inch of my body… But then when I’m all low and down, there’s always something that happens… like someone struck the new string on the guitar that I’d never heard before… wiping out all my doubts with just that one stroke of note. So I look around to find the one but I can’t see. But I know she was there smiling at me… like I’m a little kid… someone is sure playing with me.

Principal Research Engineer

A program trying to understand what it’s computing.