The Triple Mix

I thought I’d nothing new to listen to but then just brewed up this triplet which nicely works out on these winter days.

  1. A Winter’s Solstice VI: A Windham Hill Sampler - A nice classical album. Just by look at the track names like Northern Lights, January Stars, Snow Dance, This Clearness Of Light - you know it’s gonna be good :).
  2. The Very Best Of Yanni: Yet another good (if not as great) keyboard fiesta. Nice tracks: Flight Of Fantasy, In The Morning Light, The Mermaid.
  3. Maroon: Surprisingly good for those “missing” times when there is too much to do and absolutely nothing do. This my Barenaked Ladies Firsts which probably one can never get tired of hearing one more time.

Listen As: Random The entire play list is available on Rhapsody.

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