Updates - Spring 2005

I would be writing all New York City related stuff at Metblogs rather then my own blog. This makes sense because lot of people who aren’t in this region doesn’t need to get those NYC stories. On the other hand, my NYC related writing will now reach to much larger audience. Check out some of my entries there about cool New York events, restaurants and such stuff.

On the other site news, you might have noticed new skin and more FireFox friendly design. I also decided to give away the engine that my website runs on (C# code I wrote almost 4 years ago) along with entire source code for this website (thats in VB.Net just for fun). Nothing special but main highlights of the engine is that it accepts raw HTML file as the base template and embeds your dynamic ASP.Net WebForm content inside that HTML. It also provides navigation control which runs off of XHTML templates and XML.

If you like my free utilities, don’t forget to check out the massive updates in my Software section. It has now many more of my programs and utilities that I kept it to myself. Specifically, the one called Browser History Analyzer analyses your IE history (support for FireFox coming soon), builds MS Access database and gives you tons of amusing info about your browsing habits such has the queries you fired on search engine, how do you refine your keywords progressively, how much time you usually spend on a page, how much time you spend on browsing and so on. Whilte still in development, it also features extensible architecture to let you make your own plugins. I’ve also put the link for article I wrote for CodeProject about how to show Explorer’s progress dialog in your apps.

Finally some Alaska trip photos also have been added. Yenjoy :).

Shital Shah

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