T3 On DLP and Matrix II On IMAX

When I saw Terminator for the first time few years back, it had struck me like a lightening. Though most people considered it just another action flick, it was one of very few movies which I guess could change lives and sets the directions. And so to the date, it’s still my #1 favorite movie. I thought there won’t be Terminator 3. When I heard about it, seen previews and learned that director is not James Cameron, my prediction for it was to be a soulless sure flop. Well, I was wrong and right. It is flop and it’s sure not as influential as the original. But it’s still totally worth watching. It’s probably the best action film I’ve seen so far. The car chase sequences are anything that you would have seen on the big screen (The car chase in Matrix II now looks like kids play). So it has become one of few movies that I’ve went out to see it twice. If it’s available in your area, choose the theater with Digital Projection (DLP) for fine DVD-like details on big screen. If you live in NJ, Loews Jersey Gardens Theaters is the place to go. Next, Matrix Reloaded is released on monster screens of IMAX. This is remastered edition rather then real IMAX movie but it’s fun to watch those special effects on 8 story screen :).

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