Surviving The Thanksgivings

For some, thanksgiving is a day when you wake up in the morning, make a list of people and spend rest of the day to hate them for not being with you. We have come up even with a term “Hate Giving Day”. So everybody you knew runs away to their families, suddenly all shops and restaurants closes their doors, entire country like falls in to a comma and you poor soul have no where to go! Well, title of this blog is misleading: you not gonna survive this, but sure you can try…

  • It’s gonna snow: around 6” in New York and this city looks gorgeous in snow. Good opportunity to take cool photographs and email to everybody on your “hate list”. Also this should provide more intensives to get up from the bed and go for Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.
  • Watch the movie The Grinch (the Jim Carey one). Watch one more time. Watch over again. In fact you might want to buy this DVD rather then renting it so that you can watch it over and over coming Christmas holidays also.
  • Guess what. The cinemas, Boston Market and Malasian restaurants like Penang is not closed on thanksgiving and here’s whole new pool of good movies out: 8 Miles, Harry Potter, Santa Clause 2, a Bond movie and some Indian-English flick called Hollywood Bollywood!
  • It’s also perfectly valid to go totally lazy. The TV people has got some cool flicks including Star Wars, Antitrust, Miracle On 34th, Vertical Limit and such stuff. To allow yourself not to get up from the bed in case of a “time window” in between stupid TV stuff, keep some thick book handy. And yes, don’t forget to watch The Grinch in between. Suggested Listening: My December - Linkin Park

Happy ruining your hate giving.

Shital Shah

A program trying to understand what it’s computing.

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