Two IMAX Flicks

Just watched new episode of South Park and took my regular dosage of grossness, cursing and offensive language. Feels better… love it! Ok… now back to the bad stuff. I haven’t been keeping track of new movies since past couple of months because all of them pretty much sucked but now here’s two IMAX movies that you might not be aware of and that’s gonna go away soon. Both are running at Loews IMAX theater (67th St and Broadway, New York City).

  • Space Station 3D: This is the movie that you don’t want to absolutely miss. Watching this movie on huge 8 story high screen, with 42 speakers and in 3D is probably the next best thing to be actually there in space. It has been shot by actual astronauts with cameras in their helmets. The philosophical thoughts of us being something special is sure to trigger in your mind when you show those awesomely beautiful Earth views filling your entire eye sight on that huge screen. Photography of zero gravity environment, astronauts’ daily lives and their way of having fun is just amazing. Recommended sit: The very first row!
  • Star Wars - Episode II: I’m not a Star Wars fan but this might be worth to check out if you have extra time and money. I’d watched Episode II when it came out earlier this year (it was than running at AMC’s digital cinema which is probably one of very few of it’s kind) but to say the least, it’s the weird story even for geeks! The IMAX version is not really re-created for huge screen and you can clearly see the low resolution distortions in graphic effects when it’s projected on that huge screen. However that chase scene with sky diving sequences in futuristic city are the real treat and totally worth on the extra large screen. The THX digital sound effect also works great. This movie has limited engagement.
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