Shooting Stars Getting Ready To Fall

Leonid meteor shower is slowing down every year but it’s still a magnificent event. I was fortunate to witness this heavenly fireworks last year at a mountain lake some 20 minutes away from my home and there was shooting stars falling down at the rate of one per second for the entire period of more then 15 minutes. Now that’s more shooting stars a person would otherwise see in his or her entire life time! Well, I didn’t had too many wishes to make so came back home with just memories of bright lines meteors made and their reflections in the lake. This year it’s gonna be around 6 times less intense (that is only 10 meteors/min) but still that’s a lot! For USA East coast residents the peak will be at 5:30 AM on 19th November (while predicted blue moon is just setting on the west). Check out more info at Also, if you had like to be keep up with such time sensitive news, head down to my personal group.

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