New Version Of This Site Comming Soon

The new look[s] and content is soon coming to replace my current web site. This new version will feature something called themed site - i.e. I can make my site look like anything I want in minutes! This concept is not new but as I wanted to take care of all small details, it took me 30 hours of heavy duty ASP.Net programming and couple of missed meals last weekend to accomplish this - in most ideal way I could think of. Thanks to all rain and cool air coming from my window - which kept me working long long hours. There will be change in content too. I’m planning to delete some of them. So just in case, you’d liked it, save it in your own machine before it disappears! Apart from that, I’ll be moving my blogs to my own blogging tool. These blogs are currently hosted on and that thing SUCKS! They charge for their crappy blogging software and still 50% of the features I want are missing. I’m just tired of looking around for another blogging service and so I got to write my own - my next mission.

Principal Research Engineer

A program trying to understand what it’s computing.