The Pen With Dictionary And Voice

Now this is something I was absolutely looking for. A device which scans the printed word in a book and tell you it’s meaning and pronounces it through voice! Sure there are lots of hand electronics dictionaries for this but it’s still work half done because you have to cut your chain of thought and type in word in it. Guess what, there a pen shaped hand held scanner that does the same thingy - you just move it over a text and in seconds it gives dictionary entry and pronunciation! It’s called QuickLink or Quicktionary handheld scanner pen. The mfg site is at but sadly isn’t available at stores like Best Buy. All of the e-tailers including and I tried were mysteriously out of stock and the manufacturer has kept their direct prices higher then any retailer (this really sucks). I will be buying a version called SuperPen - that one you can also use for storing lines of text you have jotted down and transfer to your PC later. Also it can translate scanned text in to many languages. very cool! Past few months I came across many many cool books and I wished if had this thing…

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