Picks: Movies, Concerts And Art

Three movies that you shouldn’t miss this season: 1. Chicago - A total classic. Very different. Nice screen play. Cool lightings and photography. These guys got nominated for 13 acadami awards and I wasn’t surprised. 2. About Schmidt - A movie that gonna move you. Shatter you. Only for hard core reality fans. 3. The Guru - A cool hilarious flick on an Indina emigrant. Neat. Concerts: 1. Matchbox Twenty is on roll. Click here their schedules for NY/NJ area. 2. The unity of light - A concert by my favorite Indian artist A.R. Raheman. This will feature several other BIG artists from Bollywood music scene. Looks very cool to me. Art: The 50th anniversary of the discovery of the double helix is now being celebrated visually, with six different exhibitions in Manhattan.

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