New Music Finds

I missed Central Park visit this Sunday. So now this is happening 3 years in row. Anyway, this blog is about the new cool music artists/albums I found in past few months. It’s starts with Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory. To say the least, this is the one we call it “a land mark”. Very artsy compositions, meaningful smart lyrics and the best part: hybrid of melody and metal. You can’t possibly miss this one. I haven’t heard so much “visual” music in such quantity and quality. No, you need not be “metal” guy to listen to this. However the word of caution: many of the lyrics and song styles in this album can drive you in to frustration, illusionary fears or induce suicidal thoughts. You do need to be strong to listen to this and very strong to enjoy it. Next on the list is Jewel. When I heard her voice for the first time I was almost stunned by the sweetness and soul embedded in her voice. And to this date, I consider her as the best female vocals on the planet. She writes her own songs though many of them I consider sucks (her poetry book is available on Amazon). Few totally outstanding numbers: “Absence Of Fear”, “Time After Timely”, “Break Me” and “My Hands Are Small”. The first one, the “Absence Of Fear”, I consider the best love song ever written and sung. Many compare (and occasionally mistakes) her to Cranberries but I guess the “souls” these two artists put in their songs have different identities. To hear Jewel is treat to ears and thanks to modern day technology, it’s available to entire world! I’ll include few of my old finds later but before I log out, here’s the very latest: DJ Sammy! I randomly picked up his new CD “Heaven” in the sale at Wiz hoping to hear some cool trans and I glad I did. This is almost perfect (11 out of 13 tracks are vibrantly cool) and easily the second best techno-trans album after Moby’s Play. Tracks are full of life and energy and there’s no repetition… The creativity poured in this album is amazing. Most of the tracks are seamlessly combined with very cool female vocals from Yanou (though she hasn’t got much credit on front CD cover) - a voice with unparalleled sweetness, imagination and passion. Another peculiar quality of this album is that as you hear it too much, instead of getting dull, it keeps getting better - it’s been kind of longest lived CD in my car’s player (i.e. 5 days). You need not be trans-junkie to like this album. It will catch your ears whoever you are. Only thing, being an import CD (euro dance) it costs lot: $18 to $25.

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