New Albums From My Favorite Artists

[Many of these albums are also available at Rhapsody.] Suddenly all of my top 3 favorite artists have relased their new music albums during last few months. Unfortunetely all of these albums sucks. But anyway, because they are my favorite they will get metion here :). First, Matchbox Twenty has came up with new album More Than You Think You Are. Yes, they continue in tradition of weired names for their albums (oh well… who can make sense of name Matchbox Twenty itself?). I guess they have grown big in last few years but haven’t completely lost their touch. Some tracks are cool. It takes time, experiences, situation to get taste of music from these guys. So far I personally know only one person who likes Matchbox Twenty!! Next, Linkin Park is out with much-awaited Meteora. I’d though this will be something new and fresh but it totally smells like leftover of their previous hit Hybrid Theory. These guys have so much energy and imagination I’d thought it’s not gonna wear them down any sooner. Hopefully they have something cooler in pipeline. Finally, Jewel has got her new single Intuition out. She does hip-hop kind of thing for the first time and pretty much screws it up. She has her new full album 0304 set to be released on June 3, 2003. Hopefully that isn’t all that bad. So if these sucks, what’s cool? Listen to 200 Km/H in the Wrong Lane. If while listening some of the lyrics doesn’t seem to make sense, just remember that this album is from duo of teenaged Russian lesbians (and yes, they are hot!). Another is Barenaked Ladies. These canadian guys had most of their releases in last decade, have huge followings and their concerts are considered to be one of the best to go for. Very cool guitar tabs seemlessly going with equally cool vocals and effortlessly flowing lyrics and hummable tunes. If you think they took cheap marketing uproach, wait until you listen to tracks like Pinch me, If I should fall or Light up my room. Yes, there is NO female member in the band, but I’m sure you won’t care.

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