My New Photo Albums

I’d become little lazy in putting up my photos since last many many months but now I just looked back and thought these ought to be out there or at least some of them! So here goes my Saturday night updating my photo albums! But in this blog I want to talk little about taking photographs. First, you do not need bulky pricey cameras. The good photos you capture entirely depends on the angle, moment and your judgment rather then technology embedded in camera (gee, and you still call me a geek!). Almost all photos in all of my albums so far were taken from mere 1 Mega pixel digital cameras which had all necessary functionalities but weren’t the high end ones (HP C20 and Sony DCR-100). The key to get good photographs is just to get out more. And every time. Make your will exceed the difficulties posed by weather or other circumstances. For example photos in my new album on Verrazano bridge were taken on one of the cold day in winter with chilling winds. I still remember my hands were frozen at the point of getting numb even after wearing gloves and I couldn’t hold my camera still! Yet in other album on Sun rising from behind the New York City it was even more brutal - I’d forgot my gloves! You won’t feel the chilling winds in those beautiful photos but it were there. If you ask why others don’t have these photos, it’s for simple reason: they weren’t out there. One more thing, you might want to avoid any retouching of your digital photographs unless you really want to do some modern artsy thing. The only thing I would allow on my photos is resize and 90 degree rotate. However tempting it might be, absolutely no enhancements of any type - the world deserves the truth the way you saw it! Finally I must thank the pool of positive feedback last year for these photographs but I guess I do not consider myself an artsy or even dedicated photographer. Infect much of the time I intentionally do not carry my camera or don’t take a snap even if I had one. You do loose capturing some magnificent views but you don’t loose moments :). My new photo albums can be viewed from my site.

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