Music Genres To Explore

If you are like me and constantly run out of fresh new music to listen, here’s something that might help. The best way to discover new music is to find new/fresh/weird genres. I’ll try to put here a list of very interesting select genres that I came across recently. I would highly recommend services like Rhapsody if you want to explore these. What’s more important is the way they provide navigation and ability to discover more. For example, once you find an interesting album, you can immediately click on the music genre that album belongs to and then find out the top chart for that genre and discover even more artists and so on.

So here are some cool and weird music genres to explore 🙂

  • Laptronica - This is basically music created by single person entirely by high-end software on his or her laptop. Some of popular laprtronica artists even have their concerts where they just sit on the stage with their laptop and stream out some beats for the audience! Example artist M83.
  • Experimental - This is the awesome genre to explore and can keep you busy for hours. Try Blue Man Group’s Audio album or a super-weird track by Tom Waits and you’ll know what I’m talking about!
  • Solo Instrumentalist - Example artist Itzhak Perlman.
  • New Age/Solo Instrumental - Example artist David Lanz. These for some “non-intruding softer displays of creativity” times :).
  • New Age Acoustics - Example artist George Winston. These are for some happy relaxing “find your soul” times.
  • Space Age Bachelor Pad - Yes, that’s really a name of a music genre! Example artist Pizzicato Five.
  • Cut & Paste - Too abstract to be classed as hip-hop, kind of beat-based experiments. Example artist Cold cut.
  • Electroclash - Energetic synth, electro-techno-pop-punk hybrid. Example artist Fischerspooner.
  • Bleep - Moody robotic sounds, too irregular for the dancefloor yet often too disruptive for passive listening. Pretty cool worktime music. Example artist Autechre.
  • Dream Pop - So how about an album named “Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements” by Streolab?

Apart from these, there is a lot to explore in Foreign, Comedy and Theater genres too. But that some other time.

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