Misc Dev Files


This is the place I put any scripts, configurations worth saving. Some of the may be here from pure historical reasons so be careful in using them.


This little batch file is just ROBOCOPY command line that I end up using too often. I’ve went through every command option to figure

out if it should get in to this file. My main use of it is incremental copy of large folders for quick and dirty backups.


This is config I created for HTML Tidy2 Plugin for Notepad++ after a lot of research. Goal of this config is to be robust and clean up even the mess as worse as the ones created by Microsoft Word. I use this anytime I have need to reformat HTML or fragments of HTML.


This is bunch of command lines that forms my Git workflow. I put these files in my global path.

Xsetup REG [Obsolete]:

This registry file is generated by X-Setup and contains lots of settings to make default Windows installation more suitable for geeks. This was usually the first thing I used to run after installing Windows until Vista came out. This is neither tested or recommended on later versions of Windows.

BugDB.mdb [Obsolete]

As Joel Spolsky says, Please never create yet another bug tracking system when your project finally needs it. While in the times of Github, basecamp and TFS, no one needs yet another bug tracking system, it used to be cottage industry just a decade ago. This file is my fair share in to the madness that I was forced to rig up in about an hour when frustration with other options just became unbearable. It’s bug tracking system entirely made up of MS Access in a single file! Customize all you want and take with you anywhere. If you are insane enough, please host it on your network share so everyone depends on it. And believe it or not, this little file had been actually used on real projects in early 2000s and people loved its simplicity and super quick customizability. This MDB contains all accessory queries, config data and data entry form to have you get started right away. Similar functionality is known to cost as much as $30000 :).

MiscDevFiles is now archived at Github

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