Memorex Personal CD/MP3 Player MPD8505CP



A personal CD Player that can play audio CD as well as MP3 CDs recorded from PC. Each MP3 CD can contain 150 songs. So just 3-4 CDs may have all songs you ever want to listen! Especially if you are on long drive, you don’t have to carry tons of CDs with you and flip them around all the time.


This model from Memorex had most features I wanted. Infect it was the only one during Christmas, 2000 which had those features like search, DSP, good antiskip, support for 132K+ bit rate, CD-RW compatibility, car kit, MP3 tag support. These features are important, don’t buy without them!


The size is slightly bigger the normal CD player and it’s bit heavy. The biggest problem is however it doesn’t remember the last play mode and song position when you turn on the power again. The random play mode, which I use 90% of the time, is not default. It also doesn’t switch to external power from battery (like a laptop) when it becomes available. Also antiskipping doesn’t seems to be happening. Another really bad thing I experienced was it corrupts normal auto CD! After I play my normal audio CDs couple of time it usually becomes useless! But no harm done at all to MP3 CDs. But this is my guess and my CDs were getting older. Also I think some of MP3 files, specially those with very high bit rates, might not get played.


130 (Dec 2000)


After reading The Bad Part above, well, this can’t be the best. I bought it when MP3 CD players were just arrived in market and there were only 2 models there. I guess there are atleast 5 models out there probably more near perfection.



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Owner’s manual, spec on Memorex’s site




I bought it from CompUSA store. sometimes have good discounts however.

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