IE Most Wanted Tools

I just came across these Internet Explorer “power tools” which I’d wanted since soooo long. These little things called booklets are actually just shortcuts pointing to JavaScript which you can install by just drag and drop on your Links bar in IE (check View > Toolbars menu if you don’t see Links bar). If you want to save time from having browse through each of these things, you can also download my selection and extract them in to your Documents and Settings$$!Your_Login_name]\Favorites\Links folder and use them right away. You can do pretty neat things on a web page you are viewing once you have these little things. Some samples: View passwords, remove length limitations in a form, remove JavaScript, re-enable context menu, remove images and flashy stuff, show hidden fields in form, enable fields in form which are disabled, show borders of invisible tables, grayscale whole page (nice to have if page had weird colors), show HTTP headers, show HTML class when you roll over a block, force page wrap, lowercase everything, restore redirected links, view cookies, go to referer, sort table, number rows in table and more!

Shital Shah

A program trying to understand what it’s computing.

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