How To Get To Sleep Faster

Not submitting ourselves to sleep is a problem for many of us. Here’s few of the ideas that I found works getting little closer to your dreams 🙂

  • The thing that almost always worked for me is to read real complex book filled with poorly proven math equations and undecipherable physics text (or some translated ones). It quickly drains out all extra energies and puts you in nice sleep (no pun intended)!
  • Turn on your air conditioner. The heat won’t let you die. The colder environment slows down body functions, helps to dry down the energy levels and drives you towards the kind of “stasis”. Note that you should never sleep without warm comforter/duvets in this case (even if this looks contradictory)
  • The new recent find that has also worked well: drink glass of warm milk before going to sleep! Well, actually it’s from all-wise Guineen’s character in Star Trek TNG. No wonder it works 🙂
  • The last one is to put on the run of classical music on very low volume. It isn’t very effective but it’s cool!
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