Hackers Conference @ NYC Starts

The Fifth HOPE conference featuring talks, workshops, movies and other events from several well known hackers including Steve Wozniak, Cult of Dead Cow, John Draper and so on is already started at NYC today (July 9, 2004). I’d read lot about many of these people dedicated to pure hacking in early years in the book Hackers and now its a chance to actually hear them! The conference has 70+ talks which itself is pretty long list even to browse through. Here are my picks from the list:

  • Bypassing Corporate Restrictions from the Inside -Saturday 2000
  • The Fifth HOPE Closing Ceremonies - Sunday 1900
  • Hack Nano - Friday 2000
  • Hacking CDMA PRLs - Sunday 1300
  • Hacking More of the Invisible World - Friday 1200
  • Hacking the Grid - Saturday 1500
  • An Introduction to Dissembler - Saturday 1330
  • Lockpicking - Saturday 1100
  • Phreaking In The Early Days - Saturday 1000
  • Pirate Radio: Running a Station and Staying on the Air - Friday 2300
  • Saturday Keynote: Steve Wozniak - Saturday 1300
  • Social Engineering - Sunday 1600
  • Urban Exploring: Hacking the Physical World - Sunday 1300
  • Wireless and WiFi: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Friday 1300
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