Garmin eMap GPS System



The GPS device keeps contact with satellites and tells you where exactly are you (usually with accuracy of 20m or better) in detailed street level map. You can ask it to go somewhere and it will show you arrows pointing direction where you should move. It can even tell you where are the nearest restaurants, restrooms, shops and so on!

Note: Many map related features may available only for USA.


This model from Garmin is one of the most advanced pocket GPS. Maps are really accurate sometime showing even very small corner shops! It tell you at what speed you are moving, how much time it would take it to reach destination. You can type the mailing address and it will locate it on map and direct you there!! You can make a search on nearest gas station, hotels, tourist attractions, night clubs, hospitals an so on. It will tell you where exactly it is, it’s phone number, how far is it and an real time arrow showing how to get there. It even gives you phases of sun and moon. You can zoom and pan the map. You can mark points on map and name them (it’s called waypoints) and you can even record where you are passing through and trace it back to get home! You can type in the mailing address and/or zip code and get there. Or you can know the postal address of place you are standing on! The built in memory can store street map of one of the US state. But fortunately it’s expandable and I usually keep maps of NY, NJ, PN always there. These features are important, don’t buy without them!

Note: Many map related features may available only for USA.


I wasn’t able to find a way to mark your current location as a waypoint (bad if you want to come back there again and you didn’t knew how did you got there). There is NO real time built in compass - the biggest drawback compared to Magellan’s model. However latest problem I’ve faced since last few months is that the power switch doesn’t work on random occasion (no! I didn’t do anything!). It really sucks when you keep pressing that button when you really need it and it doesn’t turn on!


GPS + extra 64MB memory + Metro guide CD + PC cable + car adapter + leather pouch = $450, December 2000


There is equivalent model from Magallen and it has buit-in electronic compass but then some other features were missing. But I guess Garmin eMap is the best available general purpose GPS for this price as on December, 2000. There are other models with color screen but very pricy and less on features.



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I bought it from Fast response, good price but barely acceptable site.

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