First Of Blog - How To Carry 10,000 CDs With You

This is my first blog… wonder why didn’t started this already! First what’s Astrila? I can’t tell for sure but it probably means “sparkling snow in star light” in Eskimo’s language. Well some don’t agree however. I’ve my personal web site at - that’s my name Shital Shah. This blog I’ll be using for jotting down quick unbacked findings and here’s few samples. I’m always on look out for new music. Already have few thousand songs here and there, but too much is not enough! There are now two online music services available: Yahoo’ Launch and Lycos’ Rhapsody (it’s playing “Pure Moods III” right now on my laptop). The Yahoo Launch is free and it will sequence up the new music for you by looking at your likings and ratings. Very cool. It did correctly picked up many of my favorites from some of the sample ratings I gave to it. A relief for someone like me who have exhausted out of choices. It has tons of online free videos. That’s super cool because MTV sucks at showing music videos these days and I desperately needed some on-demand music video service. And here it goes! Saying that, however, Launch collection isn’t really very big - i.e. it doesn’t have 10s of thousands of songs - just few thousands. There steps in the Rhapsody. They charge $10/mo and you can listen online to their collection of some 10000 CDs. It’s like carrying that many CDs to your work or a hotel or Starbucks :-). You can even burn selected tracks to CD for $1/track. But there is no videos. Many of my favorites I found there: Matchbox 20, Lincoln Park, Enigma, Moby… Some I didn’t found were Jewel, Enya and many others. So it’s kind of balanced collection but imagine, full CDs - right there waiting to get played! These days if anybody recommends me any album/artists I first listen on Rhapsody and they think about buying it.

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