Exploring The Undergrounds

Well, it’s amazing how some of the most beautiful passions are shared by so few. Thanks to a re-routed email that dropped in to my Inbox telling me there was a presentation on “All about caves and caving” and I got a chance to meet people who are exploring these underground marvels since more then a decade. I’m pretty much beginner and just had some idea how these caves would have looked like when I read Adventures of Tom Sawyer a decade ago (and this still remains the best book I’ve ever read!) and when I went out on one of the caving trips last summer with AMC. It is simply breathtaking what this planet’s underground holds for you with miles and miles long caves nerves system frequently including super huge tall domes formations and sometime hundreds of spiky icy straws, deep pits and even lakes. These caves can be explored almost all year round because temperatures there stays stable between 50-60 F. However it’s complete darkness there and you got to have helmet with light and some other essential gear. It’s recommended that if you are beginner you go with someone experienced and never go in group of less then four. If you are a good hiker and have some rock climbing experience, it helps but all you really need is a will to crawl, scramble and be there! The National Speleological Society is your starting point to get in touch with gurus and go out in their group outings across United States and Maxico. If you are in New Jersey, visit Northern New Jersey Grotto to meet some of the cool experts in this field and start out in their trips designed for beginners!

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