Coolest New York Shows In Run

These are the some of the select broadway/off-broadway shows currently running in New York. Many of them ends soon. If you live in area, do check them out!

GoogleWhack - This small production comedy had been consistently sold out in UK and Australia. Even if it hadn’t been, its pretty geeky enough for not to check it out :). We will be going to this show tonight! Ends December.

Forever Tango - Looks extremely cool. Seven couple who tango in their own styles from Argentine. Ends Nov 28.

Cookin’ - A terrific show. Korean crew creates awesome beats and music from mere kitchen appliances besides other jaw dropping stuff in the show. Absolutely recommended.

Blue Man Show - If you want to see just one off-Broadway show in New York, this would be it. We went to this one last December and its an awesomely creative show which you might enjoy every moment of it (and it doesn’t have intermission). Its difficult to describe what this show is about but one can escape describing it by calling higher form of modern art, just like its music. The show that’s being currently running has new “material” though.

Slava’s Snow Show - While except for closing sequence it wasn’t ultra cool, it sure was different. One might think its kids show but when we went to see it, we hardly observed more than couple of kids in audience (and show was sold out).

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - This is the most impressive, most awesome and the coolest live concert I’ve ever been too. To miss them in live concert would be practically a sin. With hundreds of colorful spotlights, and another few hundreds of freaking lasers, and some cool fireworks right on the stage and a band of more than 20 musicians and singers and with very diversified styles, they simply doesn’t have a match.

Steven Wright Comedy Show - For a long time I considered Steve Wright as the most gifted comedian I’d known. His ability to make up original random unrelated witty one-liners which he can keep throwing at you one after another for the entire length of show is amazing. He hasn’t doing many shows since last few years but finally New York Comedy Festival provides a chance to hear him live!

Also as a side tip, many (but not all) broadway show tickets you can buy at heavily discounted prices by entering secret codes. Sources to check out for this are,, and NY Times TicketWatch.

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