Cool Pocket PC Stuff

If you got this thingy and don’t know what to do with it besides storing phone numbers and birthdays, well, here’s some “secrets” I came across after my first night with it 🙂

  • Sexual Positions 1.0 - Of course, this has to be the first to grab :). No freaky stuff in this one and it’s legally free.
  • Pocket Bartender - It’s so convenient to handover your Pocket PC to bartender and ask her to make that drink that no one else has ever heard of!
  • TheSky Pocket Edition - This is probably the best and most popular in it’s category. Think about coming out of your car, tap on your Pocket PC to see real-time sky map and know the name of that star you been wondering about in the middle of nowhere. If you had good telescope, you can even plug-in your pocket pc in to it and control it with pen taps! Other such programs include Pocket Stars and Pocket Universe. The bad thing about TheSky is that there is no trial edition available but I’ve heard that you can make a copy in someway if someone else has it. Don’t ask how!
  • Ephemeris - This is cool little app to show moon phase, sun/moon rise times etc. Helpful if you were like me who won’t mind not sleeping additional one hour to see sun rise!
  • TV Remote Controller - I’ve yet to make this work but the basic idea is that you are sitting in the bar and suddenly TV channel gets changed to Star Trek from some stupid sports game and no one knows how did that happened.
  • Taiyoukei - This is nice set created by a Japanese guy for astronomy. Taiyoukei meaning “solar system”, for example, can tell you which planets are up in the sky right now among many other stuff.
  • EBooks - There are several free (the one on Kazza may not count) ebooks available which you can read on Pocket PC during your bus trips to New York. Special fun are kids books: Alice in the wonderland, Encarta Pocket Dictionary, Adventure of Tom Sawyer and Julius Verne.

Apart from these cool stuff, Pocket PC as an operating system totally sucks. How one can even think of making it and selling it? There’s lots of scope here to make additions to this crappy operating system.

Principal Research Engineer

A program trying to understand what it’s computing.