Continual Survival Of SharpReader

I use SharpReader to read my news (opml zip). This is a small free app that has amazingly survived like an unevolving little insect in an environment where new species with more beef keeps coming. But this thing is still not extinct. I run around to look for an option with more features and end up at using SharpReader again and again. I’m though more interested that it dies away for one reason - the author isn’t publishing source code and at the same time he doesn’t have time to improve it by himself. It has pretty limited feature set but its designed so that its just barely enough to keep you alive. I tried to switch to RSS BandIt just to find that its fat feature list had missed some hearty points. Yesterday I looked at Omega Reader and was very excited that finally this will call for an end of SharpReader - just to find that its super-fat features comes with same numbers of bugs. So I’m still continue to live with SharpReader virus. Its an example how to design your programs so that your users wouldn’t like it and at the same time can’t give it up.

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