Some Awesome Destinations

I recently went to Sierra Club’s meeting/presentation on California’s Route 1. This road trip certainly seems to be the queen of all. The presenter been touring this route every couple of years since last 3 decades and had some really awesome photographs - some taken in different seasons and time of the days and some even different decades! Here are some tips from the guru himself: The road trip to CA1 can be done any month, never let weather stop you. Still if you are too picky, in summer (through September) it’s kind of hot. From December to March is good time except that El-Nino may strike the Pacific coast and parts of CA1 suddenly merges in to ocean, yet Feb-March is the best time. This is also the time when you can see lots of white whales in the ocean floating around while watching sunset in Pacific Ocean. The good place to stay overnight on this route is Ragged Point Inn. You might want to frequently take exists in between, specifically for San Simeon Castle. It’s good idea to stay around this gorgeous huge architecture (they have even special tour for just bathrooms among others!). To stay around this building is San Simeon Pines is a good resort. The route is 90 miles long and totally worth an entire day trip. While in presentation, I also stumbled upon list of really gorgeous places to visit in United States. They are special because they have specific times when you should be there. Also they are very diverse (from flower covered moutains to canyons in Utah!). If you get a chance, don’t even think about missing out on them. I certainly won’t :). Here’s my filtered list:

  • Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah Canyon valleys partially gets covered in snow. Not for faint hearted.Best Time: Jan/Feb
  • Cottonwood Lake, Alaska Clear waters and ice formations in lake like a huge starfish from end to endBest Time: Feb
  • Glenn Canyon National Recreation Area, Arizona Best Time: Feb
  • Tehachapi Mountains, California Absolute gorgeous mountains completely covered with flowers. Yes, just like you had dreamed once :). Best Time: April
  • Isla Espirita Santo, Sea of Cortes, Maxico urrr… this one is non-US.Best Time: May
  • Painted Hills, Oregon yes, hills that actually looks like someone painted them outBest Time: May
  • Elives Chasm, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona Best Time: June
  • Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta Best Time: Aug
  • Cohutta Wilderness Area, Georgia Best Time: Sep
  • Kennebec River, Main Best Time: Oct
  • Snake River, Wyoming Best Time: Nov
  • Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park, California Best Time: Nov
  • Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska A special place where you can see Aurora Borealis! Best Time: Nov
  • West Indian Manatees, Florida Best Time: Dec
  • Owens Valley near Laws, California Best Time: Dec/Jan
  • Weddell Sea, Antarctica urrrr… this is non-US, again
  • Cannon Beach, Ecola State Park, Oregon Best Time: Dec/Jan
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