A New NewsGator Online Convert

Any software that isn’t open source AND also isn’t evolving fast enough to keep up with their customers should be seen with the sign “Stay Away”. These things gets in to your computer in the name of easing up your tasks and it indeed appears so for a while until you just run of out its capacity and start spending most of the time in just managing it or dealing with information overload. Sharpreader is the one. Windows is another. While my desktop will soon have Linux Mandrake distribution, I don’t think it will still solve the problem because Linux is open source but it ain’t fast enough to evolve, in my view. But finally I was able to take care of SharpReader. Check out the free and cool NewsGator Online Edition. I’m a convert since last two weeks and I like its not-large-but-effective featureset which includes:

  1. It allows to rate posts.
  2. It allows to clip posts.
  3. It allows to share your clips using RSS (which you can eventually save on your hard drive for archival purpose).
  4. It allows to share your OPML in real time.
  5. No need of syncing news readers on different boxes.
  6. Pretty cool non-interuptive Web UI

Features #1 and #2 are essential in dealing with information overload. I’ve also categorized my feeds in to just 3 categories: Peoples blogs, High interest services, Low interest services. Things have gotten pretty smooth after establishing these categories.

Shital Shah

A program trying to understand what it’s computing.

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