A Marriage Conjecture

I and Sundar usually get in to blazingly fast high information density conversations. The recent one which lasted for 15 min spanned through topics such as best porn available on Net, XSL, marriages, divorce laws in Texas, blogging and ants. I just happened to make a statement with him which I thought worth blogging. So here’s what I call “The Marriage Conjecture”. “I was thinking marriage is a big thing. You need to have 100% confidence. Your match should be made in heaven. Both of you should love each other deeply. ALL of these thoughts are CRAP.” It’s a conjecture because nothing seems to disprove this but to the deep of my heart I know it can’t be true. So just like usual mathematician, I guess there’s something missing here. Feel like throwing a comment? Leave them below!

Shital Shah

A program trying to understand what it’s computing.

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