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Welcome to V4

It’s that time of the year again: Upgrading the technology stack behind my site! Actually, much more than that.� I’d been neglecting to post here for very long time.� Pretty much everything that could happen to prevent me from posting often seem to have indeed happened in past few years. There have been indeed lots of glowing moments of insights, clarity and awesomeness� which all now slipped away from my keystrokes to remain buried in the fragile volatile memory of mine.

Google Indexing Leg

This is different for different websites but it took Google 24 days to index my last blog entry!

Updates - Spring 2005

I would be writing all New York City related stuff at Metblogs rather then my own blog. This makes sense because lot of people who aren’t in this region doesn’t need to get those NYC stories. On the other hand, my NYC related writing will now reach to much larger audience. Check out some of my entries there about cool New York events, restaurants and such stuff. On the other site news, you might have noticed new skin and more FireFox friendly design.

NotepadX Preview Is Out!

This is the thing I needed since like 3 years now and I started writing it by myself early 2003. But I knew something like this should have been already out there and I was probably wasting mytime in doing it all over again. So I decided to write several reusable application components rather then app itself and then build the app as a “demo” of components. I used NotepadX for about an year as a solo user while evolving and writing more code to make it better.

Your Yahoo Group Membership

Due to recent changes, your membership might have been messed up in Yahoo groups that I maintain. If you got unsubscribed and not getting any emails, please use following links to correct it: Group: shital Group: MyTechList

Jun-July Photo Album

This quick and small album could be viewed at dotPhoto. I’ll post it on my site when I stop being lazzzy.

New Version Of This Site Comming Soon

The new look[s] and content is soon coming to replace my current web site. This new version will feature something called themed site - i.e. I can make my site look like anything I want in minutes! This concept is not new but as I wanted to take care of all small details, it took me 30 hours of heavy duty ASP.Net programming and couple of missed meals last weekend to accomplish this - in most ideal way I could think of.

My New Photo Albums

I’d become little lazy in putting up my photos since last many many months but now I just looked back and thought these ought to be out there or at least some of them! So here goes my Saturday night updating my photo albums! But in this blog I want to talk little about taking photographs. First, you do not need bulky pricey cameras. The good photos you capture entirely depends on the angle, moment and your judgment rather then technology embedded in camera (gee, and you still call me a geek!

First Of Blog - How To Carry 10,000 CDs With You

This is my first blog… wonder why didn’t started this already! First what’s Astrila? I can’t tell for sure but it probably means “sparkling snow in star light” in Eskimo’s language. Well some don’t agree however. I’ve my personal web site at - that’s my name Shital Shah. This blog I’ll be using for jotting down quick unbacked findings and here’s few samples. I’m always on look out for new music.