Personal News

Lost Sony NEX-5 Camera at Lincoln Park (West Seattle)

If you have found Sony NEX-5 Camera in a black carry on, please do let me know! It’s pictures inside that are important, not the camera itself. So I would be very happy to buy you a beer or take you on a nice hike (whatever is your fix) if you have seen this thing at Lincoln Park beach in West Seattle near Alki beach area.

Big Move

Okay… the (big) news time: We have moved out to all the way to the opposite coast and I’ve started my new work at Microsoft! More details will follow as I get some time from double pressure of moving and brand new job but suffice to say that Microsoft is possibly the ultimate geek destination on the planet and it shows up in all kind of little things. Microsoft technologies are driven to its maximum at the MS campuses and its perhaps the best showcase for the power of these technologies.

Our Alaska Trip Photos (March 2004)

Here are our March 2004 Alaska trip photos. I guess early March is among the best time to visit Alaska (thanks to my wife for figuring out fantastic itinerary) because you are still just in time to catch views of Aurora Boriales and there is so much festivities going on. We had our Yup’ik wedding ceremony at the Ice Hotel at Chena Hotsprings which is a hotel made of only ice with colorful lights shining through. Taking a dip in natural hot sulfur rich springs in below freezing temperatures with Aurora Borealis passing over head could certainly bring you one of the most memorable times even if its not your wedding ceremony night ;).

Two Becomes One

Once upon a time, far far away from any real world you know, there lived a sparkle of light. Always trying to hide away in the kingdom of dark, it looked to the stars in the night. On one such magical night, it finally tried to look for itself in all the worlds that existed. And with the lightning of awe, it indeed found the one as unreal as itself in its own lone world.