NotepadX Preview Is Out!

This is the thing I needed since like 3 years now and I started writing it by myself early 2003. But I knew something like this should have been already out there and I was probably wasting mytime in doing it all over again. So I decided to write several reusable application components rather then app itself and then build the app as a “demo” of components. I used NotepadX for about an year as a solo user while evolving and writing more code to make it better.

IE Most Wanted Tools

I just came across these Internet Explorer “power tools” which I’d wanted since soooo long. These little things called booklets are actually just shortcuts pointing to JavaScript which you can install by just drag and drop on your Links bar in IE (check View > Toolbars menu if you don’t see Links bar). If you want to save time from having browse through each of these things, you can also download my selection and extract them in to your Documents and Settings$$!

Cool Pocket PC Stuff

If you got this thingy and don’t know what to do with it besides storing phone numbers and birthdays, well, here’s some “secrets” I came across after my first night with it 🙂 Sexual Positions 1.0 - Of course, this has to be the first to grab :). No freaky stuff in this one and it’s legally free. Pocket Bartender - It’s so convenient to handover your Pocket PC to bartender and ask her to make that drink that no one else has ever heard of!

New Google Toolbar

New version of Google Toolbar is released and it’s even more cooler. It now has Popup blocker plus blogging support. I just blogged this straight from the toolbar!

Yahoo! Launch Getting Better

My favorite online music service Rhapsody is not working for me these days. They removed entire Linkin Park collection, few albums from Kid Rock and God knows what more. So I’m back to my old favorite Yahoo! Launch. They have gotten better with more selection, many more videos and more features. The best thing is, ofcourse, you can tell it what you liked and it will select more your kinda music rather then purely random songs.

Virtual Worlds With POV-Ray

POV-Ray is the 3D graphic software which allows you to create 3D world with lightings, reflections, shadows, color gradients, materials, textures and so on. I’d read about it about 5 years ago and almost ignored it - until just few days back I decided to gave it a whirl one more time (I think it was a sudden urge to create some 3D graphics). Just after a quick simple installation and spending 15 minutes on beginner’s tutorial, I was totally in to it.

The Better Giving

A year ago it took me around 6 months before I felt it was the perfect gift to give it to my cousins. But the trouble was that by the time they received it they got confused whether it was for last year’s occasion or coming year’s! It’s an art to find a gift that’s unique, hard to find, memorable and the one matching with person’s personality and need. Here are some of those tips and places that I came across over time to help you out this holiday season.

How To Get To Sleep Faster

Not submitting ourselves to sleep is a problem for many of us. Here’s few of the ideas that I found works getting little closer to your dreams 🙂 The thing that almost always worked for me is to read real complex book filled with poorly proven math equations and undecipherable physics text (or some translated ones). It quickly drains out all extra energies and puts you in nice sleep (no pun intended)!

How To Blog

Just finished making this blog page! Wow. It took exactly 5 hours. When I started, I was going to program this whole stuff by myself and almost on the verge of firing VS.Net. And then I saw this site As per the 10 commandments of programming world, never spend time in writing programs which has been already done and which are reusable. And this site was great. I created a template so that user will see blogs as integral part of my site.