Playing with HoloLens

Few days ago I got chance to play with HoloLens. Here’s the clip I shot from HoloLens in my bedroom during first few minutes with the device. The video posted directly from the HoloLens to YouTube, no postprocessing, and it’s very close to what I was seeing: Few things that surprised me was how easy it was to just put on the HoloLens and start using it. No calibrations or other complicated settings required!

Mazda RX-8 Review

I guess it’s the time to write down bits about Mazda RX-8 for the benefit of future buyers. This is the car we bought in year 2004. I’ve heard that the 2005 model is exactly the same but I haven’t checked it. Anyway lets start the engines! This car is a real head turner. I mean REAL. People see BMWs and Mercedes SLK350 and go ahh. This car is beyond that.

Electrons Are Out, Photons Are In

Our custom made PC based “media center” just got its new replacement screen: Dell 2300MP Projector! Short review: It rocks and totally worth it (especially playing PS2 games wired with 5.1 sound system and WinAmp Visualizers on a big screen). And here are more tidbits for you geeks: Dell 2300MP is new line of DLP projector which (I guess) came out in Oct 2004. It has whooping 2300 lumens and 2100 contrast ratio and cost me $1165 including shipping.

A Be It All MP3 Player (No, Its Not iPod)

The MP3 player that I was looking for to buy needed to be 1⁄2 of the size of iPod, built-in FM transmitter (yes, you read it right), built-in FM radio, capability to directly record FM radio in to MP3 files, voice recording, equalizer presets, digital bass and treble controls, HDSS or virtual 3D mode, line-in input and should instantly act as USB drive without requiring drivers. Of course, it should have 512 MB or more memory.

Tablet PC Or Laptop?

It should be a crime to buy a simple laptop instead of a tablet PC. But not just any tablet PC, mind you! Most tablet models are pretty miserable on specs tagged with high prices and geared more towards business people. But there is a gem out there for power users: check out Acer TravelMate C303 - it just looks like a usual laptop until you fold the LCD and make it a tablet!

The New Synthesizer

I finally bought my new keyboard synthesizer - something I wanted since last few months. It’s Yamaha EZ250i from InstrumentPro (they seems to be the only one bundling the survival kit along with). This one is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users who needs a perfect piano experience. Infect it’s the ultimate machine available for learner in the market. This one is an upgrade over EZ30 and has just arrived in last July.

Things To Remember When Building Your PC

I recently upgraded my custom build 2.5 year old beast. When I started out that time, I wanted to make something really powerful, enviable and which kind of had everything. After burning $3500 in this endeavor I enjoyed owning something that exceeded what Microsoft and others just recently “innovated” as Media Center PC. But this time upgrade wasn’t easy and I kept messing up things many times and calling up other gurus.

PhysLink store

It’s nice store. Here are the things I just bought… Thermodynamic Drinking Bird Hyperactive Yoyo 75W Black Colored Light Bulb Mini Compass Whistling Saucer Boomerang Ceramic Horseshoe Magnet

The Better Giving

A year ago it took me around 6 months before I felt it was the perfect gift to give it to my cousins. But the trouble was that by the time they received it they got confused whether it was for last year’s occasion or coming year’s! It’s an art to find a gift that’s unique, hard to find, memorable and the one matching with person’s personality and need. Here are some of those tips and places that I came across over time to help you out this holiday season.

The Pen With Dictionary And Voice

Now this is something I was absolutely looking for. A device which scans the printed word in a book and tell you it’s meaning and pronounces it through voice! Sure there are lots of hand electronics dictionaries for this but it’s still work half done because you have to cut your chain of thought and type in word in it. Guess what, there a pen shaped hand held scanner that does the same thingy - you just move it over a text and in seconds it gives dictionary entry and pronunciation!

Gizmos - Backup Drive, USB TV, External Dolby Sound Card

Here’s some of the very cool gizmos I’ve found: I was looking for a backup device for a long time. I’ve some 200 gigs of stuff scattered around and I realized much of it isn’t really junk!! So gave thought on DVD writers but I have no wish to carry 20 DVDs around. And then suddenly I found this 120GB external hard drive. It’s perfect. One from Iomega comes for around $290 and it’s 7200 RPM (look in Amazon).

Garmin eMap GPS System

Description The GPS device keeps contact with satellites and tells you where exactly are you (usually with accuracy of 20m or better) in detailed street level map. You can ask it to go somewhere and it will show you arrows pointing direction where you should move. It can even tell you where are the nearest restaurants, restrooms, shops and so on! Note: Many map related features may available only for USA.

Memorex Personal CD/MP3 Player MPD8505CP

Description A personal CD Player that can play audio CD as well as MP3 CDs recorded from PC. Each MP3 CD can contain 150 songs. So just 3-4 CDs may have all songs you ever want to listen! Especially if you are on long drive, you don’t have to carry tons of CDs with you and flip them around all the time. PlusPoints This model from Memorex had most features I wanted.