Total Lunar Eclipse (May 15, 2003)

Total lunar eclipse coming on 5/15/2003. Most of US can see it. 10:03 PM ET. Awesome sight! Check out press release from NASA for more info on why this happens and local times in other countries. Courtesy: hubble_this text alert list on Verizon mobile

Mercury On West

Elusive, offen hiddden planet Mercury is visible this week. In USA, look low and west after sunset. Courtesy: hubble_this text alert list on Verizon mobile

New York Shows

There are two shows currently on in New York city and it’s last week for both (i.e. until 27th April 2003). One of them is International Auto show at 38th street and 11th avenue at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center (see You can open the doors of most commercial cars on display and sit in (including Hummer H2) to see how it feels like it. While this might be exciting for some people, I found it more or less boring.

Picks: Movies, Concerts And Art

Three movies that you shouldn’t miss this season: 1. Chicago - A total classic. Very different. Nice screen play. Cool lightings and photography. These guys got nominated for 13 acadami awards and I wasn’t surprised. 2. About Schmidt - A movie that gonna move you. Shatter you. Only for hard core reality fans. 3. The Guru - A cool hilarious flick on an Indina emigrant. Neat. Concerts: 1. Matchbox Twenty is on roll.

Story Reading At Symphony Space

This one is cool artsy low-profile New York event. Nothing much happens: a celebrity comes on stage and reads you a short story. It’s an experience, given the right story teller, how much different a story becomes when someone reads it to you. Visit Symphony Space’s website to get more info on shows. I think shows will run through June. My last year’s favorite was one called Boys from the Best American Short Stories.

Shooting Stars Getting Ready To Fall

Leonid meteor shower is slowing down every year but it’s still a magnificent event. I was fortunate to witness this heavenly fireworks last year at a mountain lake some 20 minutes away from my home and there was shooting stars falling down at the rate of one per second for the entire period of more then 15 minutes. Now that’s more shooting stars a person would otherwise see in his or her entire life time!

Two IMAX Flicks

Just watched new episode of South Park and took my regular dosage of grossness, cursing and offensive language. Feels better… love it! Ok… now back to the bad stuff. I haven’t been keeping track of new movies since past couple of months because all of them pretty much sucked but now here’s two IMAX movies that you might not be aware of and that’s gonna go away soon. Both are running at Loews IMAX theater (67th St and Broadway, New York City).